Affiliated to the Council for ISCE, New Delhi
Dear parent, kindly watch the ABP Anañda channel for introductory session on English, Mathematics and Science for IX -XII students on Saturday and Sunday From 12to 1:00pm.

Alumni Students

Student SnapStudent NameYear of PassingClass LastEmailIdMobile NoCurrent DesigStatus
Snap Tony201712th Classglt19992002@gmail.com7598263121Student
Snap Vanishya Vasanth201712th Student
Snap Adlin Raja D201712th Classa1adlinraja@gmail.com9442990052CA student @ MT Educare
Snap Mithun M201812th Classmithusmaint09@gmail.com6369691164B.arch
Snap Hashal Ruskeen 201812th Classhashalruskeen007@gmail.com7418874251Student
Snap Mithun M201812th Classmithusmaint09@gmail.com9385693256Student
Snap Ashik Rolland 201812th Class7arunaashik@gmail.com9487332560Kannan vilai,karungal
Snap SAMCIL RAYNER C 201812th student
Snap Abinesh.B.G201812th

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Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

Notice Board

    Dear parent, this is to inform you that the Council has entered into a partnership with the TV channel ABP Ananda (a Bengali Channel) for teaching English, Mathematics and Science to the students of IX-XII. The introductory session will be conducted on Saturday and Sunday between 12 and 1:00 pm. You are requested to view this program and study at home.’Keep indoor and keep safe.'