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From the Vice Principal’s desk

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” says Neil Armstrong.

The small step take by our school is a vow to produce strong individuals whom the world would cherish for their fine virtues. Our school stands as a symbol of hard work and determination of great souls, who dedicated their lives for the betterment of the budding young generation. We have brought a tremendous change in the educational system. We have the privilege of grooming better individuals for tackling the challenges in the near future. The smart and independent thinking children of our institution would bring about changes in the wider world. We strive to look after the tiniest needs of our little ones. We ensure that our kids are empowered with optimism. We have received a number of prestigious laurels for both our academic and extra curricular excellence. Infact, we nurture the unique talents in every kid and help them excel in the respective fields. Our system of education is nothing but the preparation for life.

“Gie me ae spark o’ nature’s fire
That’s a’ the learning I desire.”

Robert Burns

I’m so sure that my little kids would explore and learn, reveal the mysteries of nature, make tremendous changes in the field of science and technology, sketch amazing portraits, pen down literary masterpieces and make their institution pleased and proud with their achievements.

Mrs. S. B. Gladis Ponmalar


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It’s not whether you set knocked down, its whether you get up.

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    Two students from SHIS,Marthandam bagged state level 2nd position in ICSE 2018 exams.