In Sacred Heart International School, counselling is provided by Ms. Ida Joseph.

      Now that with the current post Covid scenario, there is a rapid increase in Internet Gaming and the use of social media among adolescent children which has much impact on the academic performance as well as other consequences like sleep deprivation, eating disorder, aggression etc. Having said about the various psychological conditions which affects the school children, our school is providing counselling services on need basis in order to provide the psychological support to our forever loved students.

      The main objective of Counselling in our school is to identify the issues within the students, when they are referred by the teachers or parents or even the student himself/herself, the counsellor helps the student with ways/strategies to win over the situation and to perform better in academics. The solution will be best effective with the seriousness of the issue and the compliance in the recommended number of sessions.

      Counselling is a talking therapy that allows people to discuss their problems with trained professionals in a peaceful and safe ambiance. It is a process that involves a trained counselor helping an individual to find ways to work through and understand their problems. The role of a counsellor doesn’t limit with just suggesting the client do this or that. Rather they support the client to speak about their problems in detail to identify the primary cause behind the problems. Furthermore, they develop an action plan to help the client cope up with the issue or to have a win over it.

      It consists of whatever ethical activities a counsellor undertakes in an effort to help the client engage in those types of behavior that will lead to a resolution of the client’s problem.

      The important and major psychological problems that students experience are, depression and other mood disorders, stress related to academic performance, internet addiction, anxiety disorders, behavioral problems, attention deficit disorder, social isolation, feelings of loneliness, substance abuse, eating disorders, personality disorders, sleep deprivation, disruptive situations at home, lack of nutrition, and Phobias etc.

      Taking into consideration about the various disorders discussed above, our school provides counselling services, which allows all children to participate in all programmes and to avail the benefit of these provisions.