Affiliated to the Council for ICSE, New Delhi
Admission to Pre KG for 2018–2019, started at SHIS....Prospectus can be had from the school office from Monday, 8th Jan.2018 (for siblings) and Tuesday, 9th Jan 2018(for general public).

SHIS Departments

Mr. Yesu Balan

Dept: of English Language

Ms. Lincy Joshy

Dept: of English Literature

Mr. Uma Satheesh

Dept: of Maths


Ms. Lois Beena

Dept: of Physics

Mr. Mathew P.J

Dept: of Biology

Ms. Sudha Ratheesh Kumar

Dept: of Chemistry


Mr. Viju kumar

Dept: of His / Civ

Mr. Sakthivel

Dept: of Geography

 Mr. Godwin Raj

Dept: of Computer




Ms. Shahitha Christal

Dept: of Tamil

Mr. Vishnu

Dept: of Hindi

Ms. Kumari M D Mini

Dept: of Malayalam




Mr. Rajesh R.V

Dept: of Sports

Mr. Gladsten Paul

Dept: of Music

Ms. Sahaya Deepa

Dept: of Art 'n' Craft

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