Affiliated to the Council for ISCE, New Delhi

SHIS Departments

Mr. Yesu Balan

Dept: of English Language

Ms. Lincy Joshy

Dept: of English Literature

Mr. Uma Satheesh

Dept: of Maths


Ms. Lois Beena

Dept: of Physics

Mr. Mathew P.J

Dept: of Biology

Ms. Sudha Ratheesh Kumar

Dept: of Chemistry


Mr. Viju kumar

Dept: of His / Civ

Mr. Sakthivel

Dept: of Geography

 Mr. Godwin Raj

Dept: of Computer




Ms. Shahitha Christal

Dept: of Tamil

Mr. Vishnu

Dept: of Hindi

Ms. Kumari M D Mini

Dept: of Malayalam




Mr. Rajesh R.V

Dept: of Sports

Mr. Gladsten Paul

Dept: of Music

Ms. Sahaya Deepa

Dept: of Art 'n' Craft

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    24/07/2017 - Cleanliness Day

    26/07/2017 - Lady's Finger Printing

    29/06/2017 - Onion Printing Day