Affiliated to the Council for ICSE, New Delhi
Admission to Pre KG for 2018–2019, started at SHIS....Prospectus can be had from the school office from Monday, 8th Jan.2018 (for siblings) and Tuesday, 9th Jan 2018(for general public).

When you hear anything, you forget it sooner than the activities you see. But when you do any activity physically or let us put the term, practically, it stays in your mind even longer, since you do the experiments understanding the deep theory and concepts involved in it. This gives a hands on experience for the students so that they get a basic fundamental acquaintance to the world of science and technology. In this manner, they can grasp the theoretical concepts even better. Sacred Heart International School is equipped with the following LABS for the students practical Knowledge.


Over a long period of time, English language teaching has been primarily focused on developing reading and writing skills of the learners. The two other important language skills Speaking and Listening have been practically neglected. As the result, the learners naturally lacked speaking and listening skills.Deviating from the traditional language teaching methodologies, we focus on building our students listening and speaking skills as well. The school is equipped with an English language lab.With the help of this lab, speaking and listening skills of our students are effectively developed


SHIS has set up a Mathematics lab developed by Ramanujam Institute of Mathematics, Chennai. Based on the principle learning and understanding, with the help of the equipment, devices and gadgets of the Mathematics Lab, the students explore and experience the principle of Mathematics.


A unique idea developed by Mex Education This lab has been installed in the school to provide our students a real world exposure through application of Design and Technology methodology.


The school has Physics, Chemistry and Biology lab with all improved equipment which will make students for practical understanding of science subjects.


The school has Physics, Chemistry and Biology lab with all improved equipment which will make students for practical understanding of science subjects.


In association with Edusports, the well designed and planned sports activities are carried out in our school. The kids of our school enjoy a lot with the equipment of Edusports and these activities play a vital roll in the physical and mental strength.


Computerized resource management (CRM) software captures all the academic activities of children. Smart card - an identity card used for accessing the school facilities such as attendance, syllabus, exam details etc., Interactive voice response (IVR) - This system can be used for accessing your child's database through Kiosk and school website.


The school is very much concerned about the health of the student and staff. So it provides safe and pure drinking water to all, for this purpose an expensive reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet Sterilize purifier system has been installed in the school.

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    20/04/2018 - Watermelon Day

    21/04/2018 - Investiture Ceremony

    28/04/2018 - Clay Modeling Activity