Affiliated to the Council for ISCE, New Delhi
Admission to Pre KG for the year 2021 - 22 is open. Contact the school office for the registration. Ph.7373707775

KG WING Profile

This school was established on 9th june,2010 and graduated 70 KG children to Primary grade in 2011. This wing is a comprehensive 3 year schooling prior to primary education, enrolling 566 students in the current year in Pre KG, LKG and UKG in 13 divisions. Our KG wing is accredited by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations(CISCE), New Delhi and it is run by Sacred Heart Educational Society.


KG curriculum is prepared by a committee comprising of Chairman, Principal and Coordinators along with professional Montessori teachers and pre primary trained educators with planned educational materials from well regarded publications. Time Schedule Classes are allotted on the basis of the curriculum and as per the time schedule which is 5 hours a day from Monday to Friday.


Teaching Duration
Montessori 1 hour per week
Yoga 30 mins per week
Story / Puppet Theatre 30 mins per week
Edu Sports 30 mins per week
Show and Tell 30 mins per week
Reading 1 hour per week (Only for UKG)


The portions are selectively designed for a day, week and monthwise by maintaining homogeneity among divisions with regular reporting. Teaching Methods:Each student of KG enjoys freedom of learning through various methods such as Montessori, Interactive-learning, activity-based learning, Phonic sounds, and Play-way method.

Assessment Methods:


Very Good


Skills Developed:

It promotes skills such as Social Skills, Language skills (English, Tamil and Hindi languages), Numbering Skills (Maths), Subject oriented skills(EVS), Fine Motor skills and Gross Motor SkillsSocial Skills:



Potty training

Absolute in work

Following instructions


Table Manners


Language Skills:


Proper sentence usage

Class participation

Thought Sharing






Fine Motor Skills

Pencil grip

Solving puzzles

Clay moulding

Following movements

Drawing lines and circles

Tracing shapes

Stringing a set of beads

Stacking blocks


Gross Motor Skills


Locating and object

Sitting cross-legged

Walking in line

Throwing and catching balls

Heel to toe walking

Skipping, hopping, jumping and galloping


Numbering Skills

Recognizing, tracing, counting numbers

Associating numbers with value

Recognizing shapes, primary and secondary colors

Writing numbers

Matching shapes

Matching objects with numbers

Adding and subtracting

Writing number names


English Skills

Alphabets and sounds

Associating pictures with sound

Saying initial letter / sound of an object

Matching sound with pictures

Connecting pictures with reality

Sequencing story cards

Identifying pictures and writing words

Writing in lines

Reading and writing three letter words

Reading and writing more than three letter words

Writing independently


Awards and Prizes

Show and tell competition prize

Good behavior award

Good Handwriting prize

Rhyme recitation award

UKG graduation



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