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SHIS Clubs 2018-19

English Literary Club

President:                      Ms. Dheba Lal
Vice President:             Ms. Prabha

Objectives of the Club:

  • To foster creativity of the students by proving opportunities to exhibit their creative skills
  • To provide exposure and experience to the students through on-stage performances of  Shakespearian and other plays
  • To enhance communicative skills and confidence of the students by means of  debates, storytelling sessions and discussions
  • To build English language skills of the students through English Today and other language enrichment activities
  • Cultivate reading habit among the students by organising reading sessions followed by review writing
  • To generate interest in books and literature by organising literature quiz contests
Activities Planned:
  • Creative Writing Competition
  • Dictionary Skill Contests
  • Staging Shakespeare Plays and other one-act-plays
  • Literature Quiz Contest
  • Debate
  • Story Telling
  • Books/Newspaper Reading/ Recitation sessions
  • Role-plays
  • Book review and Report Writing 


“Hindi Sahithya Samithi”

President              : Ms. Renuka
Vice President    :   Mr. Vishnu

Objectives :
  • To create awareness about the importance of our national language.
  • To motivate the children to read Hindi articles.
  • To develop the speaking skill in children without grammatical error.
  • To motivate the children to increase their vocabulary in Hindi by using Hindi dictionary.
  • To express their emotions in their writings.

Activities :

  • Poem writing,
  • Essay writing,
  • Elocution Competition,
  • Proverb expansion,
  • Frame sentences.


President              : Ms. Sahaya Deepa
Vice President    :   Mr. Suganthi S.

Objectives :

  • To motivate the students to improve creativity and imagination.
  • To create awareness regarding swatch Bharat through pictures.
  • To indulge students according to their emotional skills.
  • To teach still life of painting and drawing.
  • Giving lot of practice, which helps them gain fine muscle control and strengthen eye hand co-ordination.
  • To make students aware of the idea that, through art, culture is spread.
Activities :
  • Drawing / painting / colour competition.
  • Best out of waste.
  • Imaginative painting or colouring.
  • Construction and decoration
  • Toy-making – cardboard, clay, Styrofoam or smiley balls.
  • Origami


President :  Mr. S. Vijukumar
Vice President  :  Mr. R. Sakthivel

  • To help the students to understand their place in the world.
  • To help to students develop critical thinking abilities
  • To prepare the students to participate in all competitions.
  • To make them a good citizen of India.
  • To educate the students about voting as a form of political participation.
  • To make them to understand the inter relationship among the people
  • To learn how to integrate ideas from different disciplines from different countries.
  • To make them to understand how poverty effects certain population in the country.
  • To become a responsible leader.
  • To preserve historical monuments.
  • To develop the skill of philately.
  • To visiting the place of monument, historical place and planetarium.
Activities :
  • Competition : Debates, speech, skit, drawing & painting.
  • Assembly speech




President              : Ms. Mini Jerlight E
Vice President    :  Ms. Preetha N S

Objectives :

  • To create interest and a good understanding about numbers in the beginners.
  • To acquire knowledge and understanding of the terms, symbols concepts etc of mathematics.
  • To adopt techniques to teach mathematical language, symbols, tables, diagrams, graphs etc.
  • To develop the drawing skills.
  • To apply mathematical knowledge in solving real life problems.

Activities :

  • Quiz contests.
  • Mathematical puzzles.
  • Memory test



President  :   Ms. Vinitha
Vice President   :   Ms. Layola

Extra – curricular activities are integral part of SHIS. The various clubs focus on the activity, under the guidance of efficient and enthusiastic teachers, our clubs serve as a platform for the students to prove themselves in various fields other than academics.

Objective  and target help a club to translate the purpose to action.

Objectives :

  • To acquire knowledge about reduction of waste and recycling.
  • To acquire knowledge about promotion of energy and resource conservation.
  • Usage of environmental friendly product.
  • Planting trees.
  • Deforestation.
Activities :
  • Debates
  • Elocution
  • Creative writing
  • Dance
  • Story telling
  • Quiz
  • Mime




President    :   Ms. Sherlin
Vice President   :   Ms. Bindhu

  • To explore students knowledge on technology.
  • To provide exposure to students on aware of new inventions and technologies
  • To explore their innovative ideas.
  • To inculcate their programming knowledge
  • To illustrate the importance of fifth generation computers with the help of robot related videos.
Activities :
  • Paper presentation based on new invention
  • Quiz programme


President     :   Mr. A. Gladston Paul
Vice President    :      Mr. R. Jubilin Bennedit

Objectives :

  • To improve the student self-confidence .
  • To avoid the student stage fear.
  • To develop the physical and mental ability
  • To make students aware of co-ordination
  • To indulge students different expressions.
  • To explore and expose the students’ musical skills and talents.
Activities :
  • Solo performance
  • Group performance
  • Laughing exercise.
  • Teaching musical black notes notation.


“Giving Change winning wonders through Sports”

President      :   Mr. R.V. Rajesh
Vice President      :      Mr. T. Ajith Kumar

Objectives :
  • To promote culture, sports and other sports awareness
  • To encourage sports discipline healthy life style through participation in sports.
  • To organize camp, cultural game shows, stage demonstration (or) practice matches, friendly matches etc., to develop the students sports awareness and collaboration with similar club in the country.
  • To improve, manage, develop and prepare lands for playing Athletics, Basketball,  Football, Volleyball, Cricket, games and sports, and traditional games and Master of Arts and other indoor and outdoor games.
  • To invest the money of the club not immediately required upon such securities of the objective of the club.
  • To develop good discipline and good citizen and service to the society, sportsmanship.

Activities :

  • Warm up, cool down to the specific games.
  • Part by part skill training, health fitness programme, mass PT, Dumbles, Indian club, lazium.  Free hand exercise, circuit training, interval training, progressive and regressive training.
  • Competition :  Inter school, intra school, club match, basketball, football, volley ball, cricket, badminton, Table Tennis, Indoor and outdoor games.
  • Coaching techniques to improve the students physical and skill related activities.

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