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Sacred Heart International School (SHIS) was established in June 9th, 2010 with the motto of "Walk as children of Light" (Ephesians 5:8) by our reverent Chairman Mr. Charles Jebakumar and Secretary Ms. Vijaya Jebakumar. Mr. Charles Jebakumar is an eminent educationalist and he is the Chairman of Sacred Heart Educational Society. Mrs. Vijaya Jebakumar is the Principal of Sacred Heart School in Moga (Ludhiana) and the Secretary of Sacred Heart Education Society. They are the philanthropists, instrumental in ushering futuristic and scientific learning institutions for early childhood education to senior secondary school education in India.

Under the aegis of Sacred Heart Educational Society, the Sacred Heart International School at Marthandam was established with the purpose of Service to human kind is service to God. This school is the brainchild of our beloved Chairman Mr. Charles Jebakumar who is a great visionary and source of inspiration. He is known for his dedication, cheerfulness and great passion for education and compassion for children. It was his long-cherished desire to serve the people of Kanyakumari District, the place where he was born, brought up and educated. Due to his tireless efforts this school is showing excellence in educational and extra academic activities. He initiated this school by giving priority to technology beginning from Kindergarten to Secondary School to ensure that the technology is fully integrated in all classrooms. He also ensures that the educational service is delivered to the students without lacking any facilities in teaching, learning and in development of their skills & intellectuality.

The school is managed by Sacred Heart Educational Society, registered under societies act XXI of 1860, S.No.369 of 1980-81Chandigarh. The society comprises of eminent educationalists, academicians and social activists. It is a Christian Minority Institution.

Mrs. Vijaya JebaKumar, secretary of our school is a true believer of God and a role model for women empowerment. Her support to our mentors has laid steps towards maintaining a good quality of education with international standards. Her vision towards building a unique educational institution in Tamil Nadu is valuable because of the pre-planned systematic approaches in teaching and learning enhancement.
Constant efforts are taken by these visionaries in a mission to achieve our School Quality Policy...


      "Achieving excellence in education by creating ecologically sustainable and socially responsible global citizens through employee commitment, continual improvement, collaborative learning associated with advanced technologies, enhancing the competence of the faculty and making self-directed lifelong learners with the power of investigation who will adapt to any latest technologies and develop wisdom and compassion to make a positive difference in the global society."


      Sacred Heart school is our parent school which is located in Moga, Punjab. It was a humble beginning on 5th April, 1971 with a few students, a couple of classrooms and a chapel housed in a small building. The institution was founded by Late Mr. G. A. Abraham and Mrs.Vasantha Abraham with a mission to impart quality education to the children of this region.

      Mr. G.A. Abraham was an able administrator and a visionary, is a retired Indian Army Officer and Mrs. Vasantha Abraham, a veteran teacher and an eminent educationalist. Today, Sacred Heart School is a family of over 5000 students and 400 staff members.

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