“Creativity is allowing to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which one’s to keep”. - Scott Adams

Ms. Sahaya Deepa
Art & Craft In Charge Teacher

There's always an effervescence of color and joy in the art rooms as learning from accidents and surprises is the best way to learn.
Arts in Education is vital as it helps children gain critical life skills, including creativity, problem solving and leadership, while also helping them with their social and cognitive development.
Art is an expression of our thoughts, emotions and desires. It’s about sharing the way we experience the world. In Sacred Heart International School, we empower our students with their powerful medium of expression. A carefully designed curriculum ensures that the students not only learn basics of Art and Craft but are able to express themselves freely.
The school has an art department that buzzes with creativity. This department does more than just teaching art. It infuses creativity in the young minds and hearts here.
The various fields in which students are trained here are:
• Sketching, Colouring and Painting.
• Paper Craft
• Clay Modeling
• Pottery
• Sculpture
It’s amazing to see little ideas turn into shapes and figures that reflect the passion of the young creators. Besides the day-to-day activities that take place within the classrooms, little creative hands add colour along with smiles to their lives over here. It’s heartening to see pictures of the mind turn into pictures of reality through the creative hands.