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Dear parent, kindly watch the ABP Anañda channel for introductory session on English, Mathematics and Science for IX -XII students on Saturday and Sunday From 12to 1:00pm.



Q1. When do the admission procedures begin?

Ans: The admission for the new academic session begins during the first week of January every year.

Q2.What is the admission process followed in your school?

Ans: Any prospective parent willing to get their ward/s admitted in our school can purchase Prospectus from the schools Administrative Office and submit the completed forms on or before the submision date.Admission to Nursery will be given on basis of first come first serve basis and for other classes admission is given on the basis of merit list.

Q3. What is the admission criteria including age for Kindergarten Section?

Ans: For admission to Nursery, child should have completed 3 years of age at the end of March and admission to LKG and UKG admission will be given on the basis of merit list.

Q4. Is there any entrance test for new students? If so what are the syllabus for each classes?

Ans: Yes. An entrance test based on syllabus is provided along with the prospectus for new student and the test will be conducted during the month of February every year.  


Q5. Is transport facility provided to the students?

Ans: The school provides transport facility to the students coming from any surrounding areas within 30 Kms and the pick up will be from main roads.

Q6. Is the class room air conditioned?

Ans: Our school class rooms are equipped with centralized air conditioning facility.

Q7. Are the Lab Facilities provided to the students?

Ans: Yes the school has fully equipped Labs for English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, etc. and weekly one lab session will be conducted for each subject.

Q8. What is the normal strength in a class?

Ans: Our classrooms are sufficiently spacious with average student strength of 40 - 45.

Q9. Can you explain the Fee Structure?

Ans: The fee structure is designed according to the provision of the best facilities to the students. The detailed fee structure can be had from the Administrative Office.

Q10. Is there a medical facility available in the school?

Ans: We have full time Staff Nurse on duty and separate Medical Room is provided. In case of any emergency the School takes the sick student to the Doctor.

Q11. What is the mode of communication in school?

Ans: The mode ofcommunication is only English.

Q12. What is the time to meet the class teacher and coordinators apart from PTM?

Ans: Parent can meet the class teacher and coordinators on all working days after the school hours.

Q13. What grievance readressal process followed?

Ans: For any grievance or issues one can meet our Administrative Officer – Mrs. Ritu Bhanot or Management Reprensentative – Mrs. Helen Mary.

Q14. Is there Smart Class Facility in School?

Ans: Each classroom is equipped with Smart Class Facility.

Q15. Apart from academic, what are the extracurricular activities provided?

Ans: We conduct different Club Activities like literary, science, arts, ITetc. school also offers sufficient opportunities through variety of sports and tournaments. We have three full time specialized Instructors for different age groups.

Q16.Is there canteen facility in school?

Ans: School has the canteen facility that provides healthy snacks and stationery items.

Q17. What is the procedure for applying TC?

Ans: In case of applying for Transfer Certificate, parents must submit a requisition letter (signed by both the parents of the student) to the Principal’s Office. And the Transfer Certificate will be issued to the Parents only.

Q18. Is there any Scout or JRC Unit in your School?

Ans: We have a separate unit of Bharat scouts for both girls and Boys. We also have an active JRC unit which trains junior and Senior JRC's at different JRC Camps.

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