Every month a theme based colour day is observed. It’s wonderful to see the tiny tots spreading the colour by wearing beautiful dresses that light up the whole campus.


    Fruits are an important part of a healthy eating pattern and a good source of required vitamins and minerals. Fruits are also acknowledged for their vital role in the prevention of diseases caused due to the deficiency of vitamins. In order to develop an understanding of these fruits – Fruit day is celebrated in every month.

  • Vegetable Printing:

    Vegetable printing is a simple activity that even a small kid can do. Keeping in mind, the creativity and presentation skills we conduct vegetable printing activity for our kids.

  • Fancy Dress:

    Getting your children into a fancy dress costume can give really benefit their social and emotional development? Using their imagination as a starting point allows them to interact and engage with other children, as well as having the confidence to speak to adults. As part of enriching the social and emotional development we organize Fancy Dress competition.

  • Show and tell:

    Show and tell (or show and share) is usually the first opportunity for young children to stand up in front of a small group and speak. The opportunity to do a show and tell might come up in kindergarten, or once they start primary school. It is a wonderful introduction to public speaking as children are often given the option of speaking about a topic they know well and are interested in.

  • Thirukkural recitation:

    We organize Thirukkural competition for the KG children in order to give them an insight into the legacy of one of the oldest languages in the world,i.e. tamil

  • KIDS’ FEST- Bambino Fest:

    An art fest for the KG children is arranged every year called as Bambino Fest. The children are given the platform to showcase their talents in various art forms.