• Classrooms

    Spacious classrooms with proper ventilation and a child centered approach to early education and more conducive to interactive, hands- on learning. Classrooms are equipped with LED Interactive board which has revolutionized the teaching methodology in Kindergarten. Age appropriate teaching aids and all the necessary materials made available in the class itself. There are two teachers in every classroom to reach out all the children, assisted by motherly care takers in all the classrooms. All the classrooms are under CCTV surveillance in order to ensure the safety of our children.

  • Montessori Methodology:

    Our kindergarten curriculum is designed as per the Montessori Methodology we are pleased to feature a Montessori Lab which makes the young learners understand things and make use of articles in a creative way. Our MMI lab provides meaningful, engaging activities which lead to different domains of early childhood education.

  • Mobile Innovation lab:

    Mobile Innovation Lab is an initiative to make learning more experimental inside the classrooms. It is also designed to deliver maximum learning activities in limited space. MIL includes child friendly educational aids arranged on a moveable trolley that can be taken to all the classrooms.

  • Tab Room:

    Our KG Wing is further strengthened by adapting to the most modern technology in the form of ‘TAB KID’, where all our children are exposed to Information and communication technology from an early age. These specific individual tabs used in the Tab room provide visual learning experiences individually.

  • Play station:

    The KG-Wing has a well maintained play station where children can play freely on a range of quality rides and toys. The school houses a dedicated play station for Kindergarteners with slides and seesaws, a source of immense fun for our children even in a downpour. The kids are high- spirited, carefree and energized when they are engaged with activities in the play area. We ensure that our toys are free from hazards of chocking, free of toxic substances, fire-retardant and free from sharp edges. Our kids develop valuable skills like imagination, creativity, abstract thinking, empathy, co-operation, problem-solving, confidence, self-esteem and social and language skills.