• The education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school: but for life….. - Maria Montessori.


    Sacred Heart International School- KG Wing is very unique that celebrates the uniqueness of every child by making learning a joyous and creative adventure. The internationally acclaimed Montessori Teaching Methodology is followed in the KG classes. The early education in our school is fun filled and hands-on experiences which aim at the holistic development of all our students.

  • PRE-KG

    The students in Pre KG are in the group of 3+ years. We make sure that the school is a home away from home as the kids come from the comfort of their parents. The curriculum designed for them is aligned with Transition and child-friendly. Tamil (oral) is introduced in PreKg.

  • LKG:

    3 and half a year old age group children are given the admission in LKG and the learning system focuses on the physical and mental development of the children. Our Integrated Curriculum is a well-structured, carefully planned, accountable and appropriate curriculum that incorporates the best pedagogic practices keeping in mind learners’ multiple intelligences and learning styles. Learning of Hindi is introduced in LKG.

  • UKG:

    The students admitted in UKG are in the age group of 4 and half year old and the learning programme provides experiential learning, transporting them to a higher level of thinking. We focus on the development of basic skills and higher level thinking, encourage lifelong learning along with providing learners opportunities to apply skills they have learned.