"Walk as children of light”

Learning without thought is labour lost; thought without learning is dangerous.” Confucius

We deliver learning, not the lifeless, quickly forgotten things that are filled in the mind of the students. But the LEARNING – the avid curiosity that drives the students to absorb everything they can see or hear or read about the subjects.

Learning should create joy and happiness with desire to reach destination at satisfactory level. We wish our children to be knowledgeable, responsible, innovative and proactive, leading to a well-developed and a well-organized individual. There is no place for just rote learning and passive listening in the modern system of education. Current educational concepts reinforce the need to provide children with opportunities and situations which make them demonstrate their potential to the fullest.

We meet everybody with peaceful greetings. Peace can only be achieved when there is happiness and the basis for happiness is attainment of knowledge. We believe in developing infrastructure that brings happiness; providing facilities that make happy usage; creating system that enhances happy feelings; conducting activities that build togetherness and stimulating the children for happy school days.

We start the day with Happy Morning, Happy Afternoon and close with Happy Evening. It just seems like Happy Birthday, Happy New year, Happy Christmas, Happy Diwali, Happy Eid… which ensures every single day is different and special to every single child. Altogether we make sure that every ordinary day converts to a happy day in a happy learning environment. Our objective is not just getting good results in examinations but to continuously develop our children in every filed of learning through real life skills so that they can face the challenges of tomorrow by the practical knowledge in happy way.

From our academic curriculum to community organizations, sports, clubs and activities, every aspect is well researched and strictly conforms to current rules, regulations, standards and systems. We believe in a modern vision towards education coupled with a strong foundation of traditional values. We deliver a high quality education with world class facilities and let’s walk as children of light.

Mr. G.Franklin Wilfred