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SHIS - Quiz


1. IC chips used in computers are usually made of

  1. a. Lead
  2. b. Silicon
  3. c. Chromium
  4. d. Gold

2. Approximately how many bytes make one Megabyte?

  1. a. One Thousand
  2. b. One Million
  3. c. Ten Thousand
  4. d. One Hundred

3. Which of these is a not a computer manufacturer?

  1. a. IBM
  2. b. Microsoft
  3. c. Apple
  4. d. Sun

4. What is part of a database that holds only one type of information?

  1. a. Report
  2. b. Field
  3. c. Query
  4. d. Record
  5. e. File

5. What is a networked computer that is shared by multiple users?

  1. a. WAN (Wide Area Network)
  2. b. Modem
  3. c. World Wide Web
  4. d. Network
  5. e. Server

6. What is the temporary storage memory chips that form the computer's primary work space? The contents are lost if power is disrupted

  1. a. ROM (Read-only memory)
  2. b. Windows
  3. c. Output
  4. d. RAM (Random-access memory)
  5. e. Hard drive memory

7. What is an expression that tells how the numbers in a determined set of cells are to be calculated?

  1. a. Formula
  2. b. Field
  3. c. Data
  4. d. Query
  5. e. Report

8. What is the name for a match between the words or phrases being searched and the items found in an electronic database?

  1. a. Bug
  2. b. Hit
  3. c. Bit
  4. d. Default
  5. e. Boot

9. What is VCM?

  1. a. Virtual Connection Manager
  2. b. Voice Communications Module
  3. c. Voice Controlled Modem
  4. d. Virtual Channel Memory

10. Which of these is a documented hoax virus?

  1. a. McDonalds screensaver
  2. b. Alien.worm
  3. c. Adolph
  4. d. Merry Xmas


1. "Gwadar Port" was recently in news which developed and operated by China handing over by which of the following country?

  1. a. Srilanka
  2. b. Pakistan
  3. c. Bangladesh
  4. d. Vietnam

2. Who among the following is not the SAARC Goodwill Ambassador for HIV/AIDS?

  1. a. Ms Runa Laila
  2. b. Shri Ajay Devgan
  3. c. Ms. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
  4. d. Amir Khan

3. Who among the following is the author of the book, Sachin: Born to bat-The Journey of Cricket's Ultimate Centurian?

  1. a. Khalid AH Ansari
  2. b. Boria Majumdar
  3. c. Kiran Nagarkar
  4. d. Ed Hawkins

4. 'Global Dimming' means?

  1. a. Gradual loss of biodiversity hot spot

  2. b. Gradual reduction in the amount of global direct irradiance at the earth surface
  3. c. Gradual increase of the temperature of ionosphere
  4. d. Gradual increase in the melting of ice in polar regions

5. In the Gupta age, Varahamihira wrote the famous book, Brihat Samhita. It was a treatise on-

  1. a. Astronomy
  2. b. Statecraft
  3. c. Ayurvedic system of medicine
  4. d. Economics

6. The highly polished monolithic Ashokan Pillars were carved out of single pieces of a buffcoloured sandstone, usually minded from the quarries of -

  1. a. Chunar near Mirzapur
  2. b. Lauriya in Nandangarh
  3. c. Sarnath near Vaaranasi
  4. d. Udayagiri near

7.Several socio-political organizations were formed in the 19th and 20th Centuries in India. Anjuman-e-Khawatin-e-Islam, founded in the year 1914 was -

  1. a. All India Muslim Ladies Conference
  2. b. A radical wing of the All India Muslim League
  3. c. All India Muslim Students'Conference
  4. d. All India Islamic Conference

8. Which one among the following metals is used in fireworks to make a brilliant white light?

  1. a. Sodium
  2. b. Magnesium
  3. c. Aluminium
  4. d. Silver

9. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) is used to measure -

  1. a. Spread of solid tumour
  2. b. Bone density
  3. c. Ulcerous growth in stomach
  4. d. extent of brain haemorrhage

10. Which one among the following is not a Constitutional body in India?

  1. a. Comptroller and Auditor General
  2. b. National Commissioner Linguistic Minorities
  3. c. National Commission for Scheduled Casts
  4. d. National Human Rights Commission

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