If you are a user of internet based social/community media or social networking sites, posting any objectionable comments / photos / videos of the fellow students, teachers or other school staff members will be punishable.

  • Be punctual to all classes and school events.
  • Help in keeping your classroom and school campus neat and clean.
  • Never bring valuable articles, mobile phones, gadgets, jewellery or cash to the school.
  • Don’t damage classroom properties, computer systems, lab or sports equipments.
  • Converse only in English in the school.
  • Bring school diary regularly. Students should follow the class rules.
  • Should talk politely to teachers, visitors and others.
  • Students should not use nick-names to call fellow students.
  • Not to indulge in teasing or bullying the fellow students.
  • Take part in all the activities of the House that you represent.
  • Set a goal at the beginning of the academic year and work hard to achieve it.
  • No student should tear any page from the diary or from any note book or the text book.
  • Attendance in all examinations is compulsory.
  • Students should turn up in full uniform.
  • Always wear clean dress and well-polished shoes.
  • Girls should use green ribbon; however, wearing flowers of any kind is not appreciated.
  • Students should not wear gold ornaments to the school except earrings for girls.
  • The school is not responsible for the loss of any ornament worn by the students.
  • On Saturdays, uniform of the respective House along with white shoes and socks; girls with their respective house ribbons.
  • Leave application should be submitted in advance except in an emergency situation.
  • Leave application signed by other than parents/authorised guardians will bot be accepted.
  • Leave letter has to be written as per the school leave application format given in the dairy.
  • Catching up the work which has been missed due to the absence in the class is the responsibility of the student.

Your child’s School Diary is an important publication of the school which outlines the school’s philosophy and work culture. It serves as a means of communication and interaction between parents and teachers. Therefore, the effective use of the cliary lies in the participation and co-operation of the parents on a daily basis. And thus, we together shall make them walk as children of light.

What Parents Can Do?

  • Please read the contents of the diary carefully.
  • Please check the diary from time to time in order to monitor the performance of your child and contribute in our efforts to achieve the set goals and objectives.
  • No student is permitted to drive auto, two wheelers or a four wheeled vehicle to school or to any school activity.
  • Parents / Visitors are not permitted to meet children during school hours.
  • Children will not be handed over to anyone without the authorization letter of parents.
  • Ensure that the diary is carried by your child to the school every day.
  • Check the diary for any entries from the school, also use the diary for communicating with the school.
  • Sign all the notes sent by the school regularly.
  • Become acquainted with your child’s teachers and try to build a positive collaboration with them, so as to ensure the best possible education for your children.
  • Respect your child as an individual and avoid making comparisons with other children.
  • Control what your child watches on Internet/TV and video on mobiles phones.
  • Speak politely to your child and be your child’s best friend.
  • Parents are required to attend P.T.M. periodically as per schedules intimated from the school administration.
  • Always try to reach for the meeting well on time.
  • If a parent wishes to discuss the progress of his / her ward on any other day, he / she may do so, by fixing prior appointment.
  • Staff members are to be contacted regarding the school matters at the school only.
  • Parents could meet the Principal on Wednesdays from 10 am to 1 pm.
  • Feel free to visit the school to check your child’s progress during the allotted time.
  • Parents who prefer paying fee online may login through https://shism.campuscare.info using your Parent-login user name and password. For any assistance for online payment, mail at : info@shis.in or contact school office over phone.
  • The school fee has to be remitted through Union Bank, Marthandam.
  • Before every due date (i.e., on or before 10th of the month) School Fee Challan is issued to your through the students. In case you don’t get the Challan, forward your request through your child’s diary or you could collect it from the school Admin office.
  • You are requested to remit the school fee as per the due date and keep the bank receipts with you for records and future reference

As prescribed by the school and worn by students from Monday to Friday (Boys and Girls):

Checked shorts with white T-Shirts
Checked shorts with white T-Shirts.
1 – 3
Checked shorts with white shirt and tie.
Checked skirt with white shirt and tie.
4 – 5
Checked trousers with white shirts and tie.
Checked skirt with white shirt and tie.
6 – 12
Green trousers with white half sleeve shirt and tie

6 – 10: Long green skirt. (below the knee) with white ¾ sleeve shirt and the with blazers.

11 and 12 : Green trousers with white full-sleeve shirt and tie with blazers.
  • I – V : Black school shoes with lace / sticky type and green socks*.
  • VI – XII : Black school shoes, with lace and green socks*.
  • Saturdays : 1 – 12 House uniform with white canvas shoes and white socks. (For girls ribbon/bow according to their house)

Note -: * Green shade as prescribed by the school.

  • Pre – KG 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday to Friday
  • KG Classes 8:40 am to 2:30 pm Monday to Friday
  • Grade 1 to 12 8:40 am to 3:45 pm Monday to Friday
  • Saturday 8:40 am to 1:00 pm